• Tze Venture Search Fund

    for Aquaculture Technology


    The fund has concluded.

    Feed protein innovation was where the fund had the most experience and saw the most promise. That was the focus of its search. Achieving its goal, the fund deployed capital from its network of investors and installed David Tze as CEO of a re-startup, NovoNutrients.


    NovoNutrients transforms waste industrial CO2 into feed, through industrial biotech, initially for the fast-growing aquaculture sector.

  • NovoNutrients

    featured in inc. magazine

    How Sea-Monkeys, NovoNutrients, and Synthetic Biology Will Save the World

    Reprogramming microbes so they eat toxins and CO2? It's not science fiction. It's happening right now.


    Inc. Magazine | 4.22.19 | UP NEXT

    ...a few miles from the headquarters of Google and Facebook, NovoNutrients CEO David Tze is showing off a technology so powerful, it just might avert human civilization from its 200-year collision course with disaster.


    ...That product is Novomeal, a protein developed for use in aquaculture, and the Sea-Monkeys are proof of concept. Fish food for fish farms, basically. The key ingredient in the commercial feed formulations used in the farming of salmon, tuna, and other carnivorous species prized by consumers is something called fishmeal, a powder made from the ground-up bodies of tiny fish such as anchovies. ("Fishmeal is strangely named: It's meal made from a fish, but it also happens to be an important part of a meal for a fish," Tze says.) Novomeal, a nutritionally complete substitute for fishmeal, is made from the proteins of bacteria and other single-celled organisms, incubated in giant steel vessels akin to beer vats, called bioreactors. Feed is the biggest cost of fish farming, a $232 billion global industry, and, given that the output of the world's overexploited oceans continues to decline, it's only getting more expensive. The supply of bacteria, on the other hand, is effectively infinite, as long as you have the nutrients to feed them.


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